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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. Does the Ecommerce website work for a small business?

    Definitely yes, it would be a great deal for small businesses to grow without having to recruit sales staff or negotiate distribution deals. The main benefit of an E-commerce website is giving you control to new target audiences by minimal investment. 

    2. Will, I ever need to Update My Website?

    Updation mostly depends on your business type. If it is a small-scale business, then you might not need frequent changes. However, if you have a big business or an E-commerce website, updations mostly on regular basis are necessary for helping your business grow.

    3. Can you Guarantee Results?

    Guaranteeing results in the digital marketing business is impossible. There are too many variables, especially with SEO since Google’s algorithm is a secret. What we can do is a point to a highly successful track record across all sorts of sectors. We can also give you the contact information of our previous clients, so you can see the results of our work. We are never fully satisfied with the results unless you are happy with them.

  2. What do you charge for a website?

    Most of the projects are customized as per your business requirement. So it is difficult to give exact figures. We have vast experience in working with the companies, which charged ranging from a few hundred to thousands of dollars per month. We always try to adjust our volume of work, our strategies, and timescales based on the available budget of our client. Moreover, we take charge depending on how much investment our clients have. You will get the best ROI for what you have invested through us.

If you are looking for the best digital marketing agency that suits your needs and budget then you are in the right place. We are one of the best it’s kind for all types of business and SEO services. With more than 6 years of experience in online marketing, we know how to run successful SEO campaigns. We have already achieved rank 1 results for many digital marketing clients.

  1. Is it Possible for us to visit your office?

Yes, you can come and spend some time with us. We will sit and have a nice coffee with discussion on your project requirement. We are also available on Skype or Zoom sections in case you can’t visit our office. Even for any kind of on call assistance you can feel free to call us at+91-6239848741, +91-9646099283


  1. Have you achieve any results for the Previous Clients?

We have dealt and achieved greater ROI for many clients depending on their requests. Always keeping in client’s business prospects, we have focused on increasing visitor count, better back linking, reduced PPC costs, social media shares and more. You can check our Portfolio as our work speaks our performance.

  1. What is the time duration to complete my website?

The time duration it takes to design a site depends on the complexity of the site. If you have a deadline, we will surely work hard to meet it. Mostly the sites are delayed due to content (text/images) from the client or client delayed responses.

  1. After website design is completed, what after-sales service do you offer?

We fully support any website for around 1 year (excluding the modifications required). We are always available to solve any problems The Wictory will always be suggest new advancement to your website and will offers website hosting and maintenance for the same.

  1. Will my website design be SEO friendly?

All our websites are created with latest technologies that are based on search engines guidelines. Mostly search engines do change some of their rules and algorithms so, we assist you with new idea for your website to be re-evaluated from time to time. 


These terms and conditions govern your use of this website  thus are applicable to all Web Development projects undertaken by Design Department. If you agree with these terms and conditions, you can use this website and your statutory rights are not affected at all. This website also uses cookies and  use of cookies are in  accordance with the terms of website privacy policy.

Important terms/Definitions used in website


A ‘Project’ is service provided or any work undertaken by our company ‘The wictory’ to a Client upon request and based on the agreement received from the Client.


A ‘Client’ can be any customer, a persons, business or company using any of our digital services provided by our company.

The Company:

‘The Company’ means ‘The Wictory’- web designing company mentioned in any part of the document.

Third Party Applications:

Any digital material image, text, software or other applications that is owned by a third party and used in designing the products.


It is a storage space to keep a Client’s website active and running on the Internet.


‘Domain’ is the web address (URL)  or name of website as given by the Client.

  1. Terms of Use

The information and other services provided are subject to the terms of agreement between client and The Wictory. We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions, including our Privacy Policy, with or without notice to the User. It is client’s responsibility to check these Terms of Use periodically for changes. 

Any information provided as a user identification code, password or any other piece of information as part of our services on security procedures, you must keep such information as confidential.

  1. The Client consent:

2.1 Its solely clients responsibility to provide the Company everything that is requested from to complete the Project within a reasonable timescale. That may include including text, images and other information.

2.2 Text and images such provided must be in the format as specified by the company, The wictory.

2.3 Payment terms laid out must Adhere to agreement as signed before the start of project.

  1. The Company consent:

3.1 We will carry out all the services in a timely and professional manner.

3.2 Number of revisions to the design, color, style, etc. will be made reasonable until the client is satisfied with the design concept. Mostly only 2 major revisions will be done as per the agreement.

3.4 Any design work or Additional revisions that are made outside the project will be charged separately.

3.6 Company will stay in touch for providing with the various options for continuing website maintenance and support or hosting.

  1. Backups and Files

The Wictory is not liable for taking backups or saving any files of the website. The client has to do maintain the same. In case client requests backups, we can give it for a nominal fee.

  1. Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

The Client can keeps the copyright to their data files and graphic logos as provided by the Client. The company also reserve the right to grant The wictory to link and display your completed project as part of our portfolio, and to brief about the project in the magazine or articles, on other web sites, books, written or digital publications of any source. The client must inform beforehand of the website going live if he/she DO NOT want us to add their site to our portfolio.

5.2 Our company is the right owner or the licensee of all intellectual property rights on our site, and even the material published on it. The copyright to source code, CSS files, other code that may have been used by us for your project, or even the images that the company may have provided to will be licensed solely to the domain name on which the website files stored. Copyright is applicable if you own the domain name.

5.3 A contract for website design shall be taken as a guarantee by the Client to The wictory that all such permissions and authorities have been received. We may request proof of permissions and authorities.

5.4 The wictory will not copy the business model or software programmed created for any clients as per the Intellectual Property Act and the clients will be the sole owner of the websites/software created for their clients by us. And the Client guarantees that all artwork work like texts, graphics or other furnished to The wictory for the web/software/app design project are owned by the Client, if not than  Client must have permissions to use from the rightful owner.

  1. Customer Obligations

The Client should agree to co-operate with and will make available to The wictory at least one staff member who has the decision authority to act on behalf of the Client. Also the person will provide the resources necessary for the company performance as specified in the work order. Pertaining to identity, Client has to provide a proper company name, proof of address and mobile/landline number to make sure that the Client’s website activities are carried out smoothly.

  1. Maintenance

After completion of website , we provides 30 days testing period of the site for resolving any form error. After this period, we will consider extra charges separately for any obligations under the contract.

We provide hosting and maintenance package that will include basic modifications to the site (including text and project photos). Please talk with one of the The Wictory representatives.

For some project free support and maintenance excluding alterations/changes, will be provided for 1 year. Only in cases where you permit us to put our logo/link at the bottom or footer of your website.

  1. Software Upgrades

We take the complete responsibility to inform the client if or any major or minor software upgrades are required. Only in case of urgent attention, The company will ask the client to upgrade the software for the smooth functioning of the website. The support done during the upgrade process will be chargeable.

  1. Compatibility

We will be responsible the site or application designed/ developed will function correctly on the server when uploaded/installed and also compatible with any web browsers.

  1. Security

You agree to indemnify and keep us informed against all losses, proceedings, costs, actions, claims, expenses (including reasonable legal costs and expenses), or liabilities, damages, suffered because of any third party legal action to Intellectual Property Rights infringement.

  1. Law and jurisdiction

These terms and conditions will be preside over in accordance with Indian law, and any disputes raised relating to these terms and conditions will be subject to the [non-]exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of India(____________)

  1. Your Queries

If you have any queries about services/ material which appears on our site, please ensure to mail us at .


Thank you for visiting our site.