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Basic Tactics to get successful in PPC

No matter if you are a beginner or a business owner who want to take their business to the new heights of the success, PPC is the way to grow your business faster. You may have heard about PPC from someone and now you are curious to learn it. If you are serious and wants to learn the new things about PPC then this is the right place for you. We will help you to create your first ad group. It will help the beginners to create their first Adword campaign. No matter how much you have read about it, you have to test your ads many times.

How can PPC help to grow your business?

Google is the biggest search engine and gets millions of visitors per day who are searching a different kind of product and services. The PPC AdWords are really valuable to attract your potential customers by showing them your ad to get maximum impression and clicks. How many times your ad will be shown depends on the type of keyword selection. To run your Search ads campaign successfully you need to focus on the following factors.

1.    Search term and the key phrase: To get maximum clicks it is important to select the best search term which user entered as well as optimizing the related key phrase for an ad.

2.    Targeting Area: If you are selling a product in a specific area and wants to target your ad only in that area then AdWords gives you the facility to choose that geographic area. You can even target your ad in a specific ZIP code.

3.    Relevancy of Ad Copy: There must be relevancy of ad for specific keywords. If someone is searching for a hotel they should not show results for a gym.

4.    Quality of Landing Page: landing page plays a crucial role in the quality score of your ad. If you have a well-optimized landing page and a user finds what he/she was searching then you did a great job. But if you have a poor landing page with nonrelevant content then your ad will not get potential user.

5.    Quality Score: It is a rating of Google to rate your ad on the basis of the landing page, keyword relevancy, and your PPC campaign. All the above-mentioned factors are responsible for this.

What are Display Ads?

Many of you haven’t heard about display ads. There are two networks of Google AdWord one is search network and other is display network. On display ads network a business can use visual banners to display their ads over the huge network of the website across the internet.

Here are some criteria on the basis of which Google selects website for banner ads to place it there.

1.    Keyword Selection: The ads are displayed on the basis of the keywords for which they are optimized. If you have keywords for the ad is “personal care services”, then the Google will take a website which has content related to the topic.

2.    Ads Placement: Placement is about the selection of the website on which your ad will be appearing. In this, you just use the website link on which you want your ad will appear instead of keywords. If you want your ad to be shown on a real estate website then you just need to check the advertising-supported read estate websites, and then you can add these websites to your targeting links.

3.    Start using Remarketing: Many experts say that if a user is visiting again your display network that is because of the remarketing. It is a technique to reconnect your existing users. If any user visits your website and doesn’t buy anything then you can use remarketing by showing him the products which he/she searched.

4.    Keep your Ads Simple and Visual: If you keep only text in the ad then it will hardly attract any user towards it. So keep your visuals simple yet very attractive and easy to read. What will be the benefit of that ad which a user is not able to read?

What are shopping ads?

These kinds of ads are used by the e-commerce website or the shopping website. These kinds of ads help to boost the traffic to your website.

Have you ever search a product on Google and got the images with the price from a different website. Such kind of ads is called shopping ads. To create these ads you need a merchant account which will be linked to the Google AdWords account. You just need to submit all the details of the product in every 30 days on the merchant account. Google AdWords will fetch data from merchant account as both are linked to each other.

What are Video Ads?

Such type of ads runs on the channels like YouTube and other video websites.

Benefit of Video Ads.

1.    Better targeting Option: In such kind of ads you can target your ads in a better way. You can select a particular city, device, location, age group or gender. Using this ad group you reach to the right audience.

2.    Better Reach of Ad: YouTube becomes the 3rd most visited website so you can assume how much reach your ad will get. Your ad will be viewed by a large number of people.

3.    Better Measurement Graph: You can check how your ad is performing by looking at the various matrixes like lick, impressions, views, engagement, and performance. You can check the success rate of your ad and work in the poor areas.

Conclusion: PPC is an integral part of digital marketing and becomes an important part of every business to grow faster. To improve your ad campaign you need to constantly learn about its new features s to achieve the desired ROI. So, now you have all the knowledge about the PPC Ad Words so you can now create an ad and measure its success rate. Create an ad campaign and improve the conversion rate of your ad campaign.