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How can AI help you to gain maximum people reach

How can AI help you to gain maximum people reach ?

Yes, it is true 

Nowadays everything depends on algorithmic solutions, whereas competition increases the rising time, so that is important for us to upgrade with technology. 

Go for digital marketing - upgrade yourself
However, it is required for every business to have websites and presence on every platform (Local business page, Social media, and search engine) because mostly 75% of people use the internet and 61% have looked for health or medical information. Furthermore, did you know Google’s search engine receives more than 1 billion health-related questions? Interestingly, here is our main concern for today, firstly we need to understand important marketing strategies and then move on to the step. To know the concept of digital marketing strategies please click here…

Once you cleared how the digital marketing process works then here is the second step: -

Once you cleared how the digital marketing process works then here is the second step -

Need to help of Google AI (Structure Data) -

What is Google Structure Data – It has a type of microdata that provides important information to search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.). Schema markup works when the code integrates with your website. This code helps search engines identify your business details, such as “Hospital name, type, contact number, E-mail ID, address, and doctor information, etcetera.

You – Wait, here is some confusion? Everybody believes Google is such a powerful platform, it has every record and quickly displays the answer to any question.

Me – Okay then why Google did not rank your website on service keywords?

Actually, search engines do not read your website like human
Human vs alorithim see the website - structure data (2)

All color combinations and website styles are for human attraction, algorithms have always a list of thousands of words, numbers, and codes. Therefore, google cannot identify your phone number, address, and other important contact details because they have still baby-brain. Although, AI can handle the world with the help of commands. Yes, now just you need to give a command to the algorithms of any search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing and Microsoft, etc.)

Google alogrithms have still baby brain

Below has been mentioned a short example of this magical code “schema markup”, it represents you and your business to an algorithm, for instance as demonstrated @type: “Person” ”.

schema markup example
Here are various examples to represent your profile and your business in a better way, whilst only this golden way can beat this competition. However, everyone has a busy schedule, and these techniques are mostly running in advanced nations, such as America, England, Australia, etcetera. Therefore, now if you are thinking this “Schema Code” had been injected or not in my website?

Don’t worry here is the official tool: – , but if you have already taken a cheap web-development service for your website then it makes you in trouble. Furthermore, it is necessary to hire always good IT team, who are trained in advanced techniques of Digital Marketing.

Have you checked your website in this tool, if you showed [0 ERRORS | 0 WARNINGS | 0 ITEMS] then this code has not been introduced to your website, as well if there is show any of the numbers are in error and warning then you need discuss with a specialist.

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