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Get noticed- appear on the top!

Are you struggling to get your business noticed and get the requisite, calls and leads that you need for the growth of your business? It is imperative that search engines know exactly where you’re located and what your business does. For any small or medium sized business to succeed we must ensure that people know about it. The maximum outreach any business can get is through online promotion. For local companies with a physical store, it is paramount that you appear in online services. SEO or search engine optimization plays a key role in facilitating your business to grow and to rank higher on the google search. To gain an edge towards your competitors in the local market, use local search engine optimization for effective promotion of your business locally. This means promoting your business online, locally, to local customers at the right time and right place. Optimizing your website for local search is the first step and also optimizing your location on the local maps is another way to undertake the local search engine optimization (SEO). When is comes down to local search engine optimization (SEO), the focus falls upon making a good link building strategy and ensuring that you appear above your competitors in the search results. 

How to promote online business or website?

To promote your business having an online presence is important. Whether you’re new or relatively starting your business operations, you need to promote it for people to see you or for you to be visible online. Advertising usually involves a lot of money, however there are ample options online that allow you to promote your business for free or a very low cost. 

The first step in promoting your business online is by creating a website online. You can either create the website yourself or hire someone to do it for you.  The website’s domain name must be that relates closely to what you do or explains it.

E-marketing is one such way to achieve the desired results for online marketing. Under e- marketing, there are two ways which you can use to promote and publicize your online presence for your business. These are- SEM ( Search engine marketing) and SMM (social media marketing). Search engine marketing is the process of driving and channelizing traffic to your website using paid means. In simple words you pay google for google ad words or pay yahoo for yahoo search marketing and your website or content appears first in the search results. Search engine Marketing uses paid forms to gain visibility and generate traffic or leads to the website. Pay per word comes under search engine marketing and must consider all the keywords associated with your business, geographic location, cost per click along with other factors.

The second technique is search engine optimization (SEO), this is more of a return on investment type of technique. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best ways to garner the requisite traffic and is an organic technique to generate leads. Then comes SMM social media marketing which is a must in today’s fast paced world which is hugely active on social media. This means promoting a business online on the social networks. The best way to explain this is- try googling your name online. Did you see a link that leads to your facebook or linkedIn or twitter profiles? This is exactly what happens in businesses. Being on such social channels or platforms builds your company and helps you get noticed faster. The major agenda of social media marketing is to get you noticed and drive quality traffic to your website, blogs and earn revenue or a return on investment through them. Examples of social media platforms are- Facebook, twitter, linkedIn, Youtube Channel, google+, Instagram and now snapchat. The key here is to decipher which platform your target marke uses the most and then engaging them there. Social media marketing is a great way to broadcast a new, a product or a service.

What is local search engine optimization (SEO)?

Let us now discuss and explain what search engine optimization exactly is! Search engine optimization is the process of attaining traffic or appearing higher in the search results on google, yahoo, bing etc. The traffic is sourced from free, traditional, organic or unpaid source as search results on search engines. For you to start a business online, the first priority is to build a website or a web page in order to appear in the results. The website can be designed according to your needs and specifications., requirements and the services provided by you.

An important aspect of marketing your business online is optimization of relevant keywords. The trouble arises if your business is relatively new and have less content you’ll have trouble appearing on the top of the search list if the keyword in question is competitive. 

SEO generally works on two factors, namely:

  • One- page SEO or On- site SEO

Under this, we optimize elements on a website so that the website ranks higher and gets quality traffic from the search engines. A good on page SEO helps users decipher the content of the website and whether it matches their requirements or not. On page is both the content of the web page and the HTML code of the page. It puts together everything, that when brought together how relevant would your page’s content be to the query.

  • Off- Page SEO or Off- Site SEO

Off- Page SEO is the complete opposite of on- page SEO. It refers to the activities you perform to generate traffic other than that on your web page or outside the boundaries of the website. It means developing links else where and external links on the internet apart from the web page. It involves link building, social book marking and social media marketing. A website that is high quality, will most likely have links at other places like social media (facebook, twitter, snapchat, Instagram) etc. and other websites. A successful off page or off- site search engine optimization will result in increase in rankings, increase traffic and more exposure. Higher ranking means ranking high in the search results, more links, more social media mention and more visits.

Why do we need SEO for business and websites?

Most people fail to understand what search engine optimization is and why do we need it for our business to grow. It means attracting good quality and quantity traffic using organic search engine results. If you have an online store, blog or any web page and you want to make an online presence, search i=engine optimization can help attract prospective customers and quality traffic. Your content must be top notch and google must be in accordance to Google’s algorithm that matches the website data with the customer’s queries. So, for you to appear and ranked higher in the search engine results, the content must be user and search engine optimized and friendly. Search engine optimization is a cost- effective program as compared to other paid services like pay per click etc.

How to choose the best Search Engine Optimization Company

  1. To ascertain the best Search Engine Optimization company, you must first establish and set goals that you aspire to attain. These might be as follows:

Good and Bad Goals

If you only want rankings

Traffic from specified and target groups

To do better than your competitor

Boost in the number of sign ups or downloads

Boost your revenue through sales

Vanity metrics

  1. Then put together a list of 3-4 preferred companies that perform search engine optimization and judge them on the following criteria to settle down on one.
  2. Choose them after comparing them for the following:





Effective communication

In case you still can not choose one company, refer to our list of tips that will help you narrow down on one company. They are as ensuing:

PRO- TIP 1- If you want Search engine optimization to be a foundation or a core competency, it is advisable to hire an inhouse Search engine optimization expert.

 PRO-TIP 2:  If the good search engine optimization companies happen to charge exorbitantly or over and above your budget, try consulting or hiring an in- house person search engine optimization.

PRO-TIP 3: Search Engine is not cut out for everyone, only a few can bag the top spots, in case you’re not committed towards the whole search engine process, then this is not meant for you.