The Wictory

Pay Per Click (PPC)

When businesses don’t want to spend time waiting long to see the results from SEO and content marketing, they want something more instant for boosting their business online. And fortunately, they have PPC in front. 

What is PPC?

Before you decide to utilize PPC as your company’s online visibility driving force, understand what it is –

“PPC is all about getting leads generation, conversions and sales boost by advertising your product or services on internet and get these advertisements clicked by the users to direct them on your website”.

And you pay to a Google network every time your ad gets clicked. Hence, you can say the cost you pay is proportional to the number of visitors on your website. Here are a few questions that emerge along the way. Have a look!

  • Are you using the right keywords in your ads to reach your target audience?
  • Are you paying cost-effectively for every click and getting clicked only by the target users?
  • Are you running the best PPC campaign to meeting your business’ end goal?

If you are a business which already is encountering these questions or the one that is just getting familiar with PPC, our professional advertisers at The Wictory can help you drive more targeted visitors to your site through a right PPC channel. 

The Wictory offers PPC services as following

  • Create attractive ads and ad groups and deal with Google Adwords (this is the tool where ads are created with). 
  • Optimize ad text for keywords to bring relevance between the both.
  • Optimize landing pages for keywords searched to improve user experience and increase ROI.
  • Bidding management which entails cost per click (CPC) or cost per user acquisition.
  • Work consistently on the above to successfully accommodate an ad campaign.

Our ad campaign services consist of

Search Advertising 

You already know PPC is paid. Before you can get paid visitors clicked on your ad, you pay for getting your ad searched on Google and this is what known as search advertising or paid search. And, we as advertisers at The Wictory, manage search advertising campaign right from creating catchy titles and description for your ad copy to monitoring performance and implementing improvement strategies. Our aim is to consistently rank your ads on the top of the searches by working on quality score, bidding and conversion rate. To ensure relevance between keywords and ad text and keywords and landing pages, we get the ads and landing pages optimized and augment user experience on your website. Thereby, we provide you with more leads, more sales and more revenue. 

Google Shopping Ads 

Are you a retail business aspiring for boosted online sales? The Wictory gets your goal covered with shopping ads. Also known as product listing ads, these get started with listing your product ads at product feed in Google Merchant Center. The seller provides a list of his products and then Google shows them in search pages based on keyword relevance. Once the campaign  starts running, the seller needs to update his products with Merchant Center every month. 

This campaign is certainly more beneficial than paid search but demands critical observation, sound management and comprehensive strategies. We offer you 

  • Attractive product listing including high-quality product photos that sell and product descriptions.
  • Mobile optimized PLA ads that appear quickly on mobile searches.
  • Managing product feed and Merchant Center to render top listing in Google search results.
  • Landing Page optimization to provide users with great buying experience.

Display Advertising

Placing your product ads on websites in different sizes and dimensions and get them clicked by the visitors is termed as display advertising. Google captures its users’ behaviours and interests and shows them ads accordingly. The intention is to persuade target users to click and buy. 

The Wictory allows your business to expand ecommerce sales by managing ad placement effectively. By creating compelling banner ads and display ads, we increase user engagement and visits. Display ad campaign calls for relevancy between the ad and the website.  We make sure the keywords and content on a site are relevant to the ad to get clicks only which are productive. We save your budget from getting depleted unnecessarily and rather utilize it by placing ads on right platforms and getting them clicked only by target users to generate you maximum ROI. 

Social Media Advertising

There is nothing which has as big a scope as social media has to making connections and generating leads. With proven social media advertising strategies, The Wictory increases brand awareness, improves customer loyalty and render better customer insights. We take account of latest trends, insights from analytics and other strong ad strategies and combine them all with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. 


Remarketing is a small yet effective advertising technique. It is an attempt to make those users buy your product which already have visited your site. According to their search patterns and interests, reminder ads are shown to them. If they still expect something from you, they will certainly click on your ad. Therefore, remarketing may produce effective results if is managed properly. The Wictory uses remarketing technique for all other ad campaigns as a supporting campaign. While following proper research and analysis, we boost sales from the target users who are already interested in your brand through remarketing.

So, why should you choose us?

PPC can be beneficial to return great revenue on your investment. Without taking too much time, it helps to improve your business image, visibility, sales and reliability among online visitors. It is Google which drives the ad campaign for you and shows results. However, if you hire The Wictory, you can be ensured for transparency of your PPC process. We are the agency that helps with expert observation, in-depth analysis and vigorous management. We help you to build your brand online while assuring

  • Right keyword research and analysis
  • Targeting right breadth of keywords
  • Write ad copy that is in proper alignment with landing pages
  • Cost-effective Bidding
  • Adequate attention to target visitors