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What Is SEO or  Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is a special Search Engine Optimization technique which is used to rank your website on the top list. It is a process of keep changing the position of a webpage or website in a search engine results by using keyword or phrases. This popular technique optimizes your website to drive more traffic or create visibility with visitors to your website from search engines like Google. Also, as it ranks your website for the different set of keywords. It gives your website an authority on certain topics in the Google index. SEO includes various types of the searches include image search, local search, video search, academic search, news search and industry related search engines. 

SEO promotes your business on the different website and totally based on the latest Google algorithms. You will reach millions of people for your services. It will help you to beat the competitors online. There are various products and services of SEO services in Banglore like an establishment of SEO benchmarks, keyword analysis, off page link building, on page optimization, Google and local. It gives you the best services for search engine optimization.

There Are Three Types Of SEO Which Are Mentioned Below:

•    White hat SEO

•    Blackhat SEO

•    White hat SEO


•    White Hat SEO

White hat SEO is a very common type of legal SEO and it follows all the guidance of any search engine. Like to add the keyword in the content according to the keyword density and it may be 1000 words and optimize the keyword according to the keyword density only 2-3 % in the content.

•    Black Hat SEO

The black hat SEO is an illegal type of SEO and it is against all the instruction of any search engine. They don’t follow any guidelines, rules or regulations of the search engine. It is totally opposite to the white hat SEO. As it is an illegal method for optimization and not follow the keyword density.

•    Grey Hat SEO

It is the third type of the SEO and it is the combination of both the white hat SEO ns the black hat SEO. They also follow the guidelines of a search engine or sometimes not prefer the instruction of the search engine. 

What Is ON Page SEO Mad OFF Page SEO?

ON-Page Optimization 

On-page SEO is very popular optimization used to customize your website and makes your website user and search engine friendly and also known as the on-site optimization. It includes the effective content, best keywords, and selection; put the keyword in the right places, given a suitable title to every page.Also it includes the different on page factor which helps to improve the ranking of the website  In this guide, we are going to tell you some on page techniques

ON Page Techniques

•    Keyword Analysis

•    Tag Optimization

•    Uniform Resource Locator (URL)

•    Web Speed Optimization

•    CSS & Java-Script Optimization

•    Text/Code ratio

•    Non-index attributes Optimization

•    Canonicalization Installation

•    Competition Website Analysis

•    Favicon

Off- Page SEO Techniques

An Off-page technique is used to improve the ranking or increase the authority of your website for your keyword. Off-page optimization is used to create backlinks to the other websites. This optimization is a long-term process and must be done regularly. It is not visible on your website and it is only done off-site. It includes link popularity by submitting open directories and the search engines.

•    Directory Submission

•    Social Bookmarking

•    Article Submission

•    Video Sharing

•    Social Media

•    Photos Sharing

•    Guest Posting

•    Review Posting

Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best SEO Company For Its Services:

1.    Professionalism And Experience

While choosing an SEO company for ranking of your website the professionalism and experience both are the key factors.Because if the company is experienced, they have high skill and knowledge about the SEO services. And you can trust easily in that company for SEO purpose.

2.    Seo Packages Offered

Some company provides the best packages for the SEO services. You should analyze and compare the services or the packages offered by the different company. Make sure that choose the best company with affordable price for SEO services. Hence, it will help you to hire an SEO company within your budget limit.  

3.    Check Reputation

It is one of the major factors to check out the reputation of the SEO company in the market. Also,  you can check their portfolio on their website where they mentioned each and everything about their company and its services. Moreover, you should check all the reviews, comments and feedback from the previous customer. It is an ideal way to enhance the market value of SEO company.

4.    Customer Services

It is very crucial to provide the proper customer service. It will help the customer to know about the status of their work and it includes the latest updates, weekly reports of work. It is necessary to understand the customer needs or requirements regarding their work for SEO services. You must ensure the availability of the customer services whenever you need. 

5.    Link Building Strategy

Before choosing the best SEO company you should ask for the link building techniques It will help you to improve the website ranking. You must ensure that the company you hired only using the white-Hat SEO to follow all the instruction or guideline of the search engine. Hence, it will help you to increase the page ranking authority.

6.    Keyword Optimization

The best SEO Company should know about the analysis and optimization of the keyword. Because the ranking will depend on the keyword optimization and the density of keyword with relevant phrases in content. Therefore, the SEO Company must know the keyword searches for the ranking your website.

These were some important factors you should keep in your mind while choosing the best SEO Company with effective services. If you are hunting for the company that provides you the best SEO services in Bangalore, then it is the right platform for you to get a better opportunity for SEO services.