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What are the various SEO Strategies that you need to do for getting top ranking on search engines?

Getting top ranking on the search engine is a difficult task, but if you are following right strategies then you can easily get ranking in the top position. The ranking matters if you are having the business that deals with selling products or you are offering any type of services. If you are targeting local clients, then all the tips that are discussed on this blog will be very helpful to you.

Before discussing the tips and tricks we believe that you must be aware of the benefits of getting top position on the search results

Help in increasing sales:  After getting the top position in the search results, you will find that your sales are improving day by day and your company’s performance graph is moving in the upward direction.

Helps in increasing clicks on the website:  While searching for anything on the internet, we always prefer to click on the top-most results which mean we generally click on the top which ranks on top three positions. So, if you get the topmost rankings you will find that the clicks on your website are increasing day by day.

 Helps in improving domain authority and page authority: Getting relevant clicks on the website improve domain authority as well as page authority. This will give your website a new credibility.

Here are some of the most important tasks that you need to perform for getting top ranking on search engine

Blog Posting:  Blog posting is very much important in case of SEO (Search engine optimization) this technique provides the backlink to your website as well as helps in promoting a website. One thing that you keep in your mind, that you must write unique and SEO friendly content. The websites on which you can do blog posting are,,

Always write content in the form of the point or bullet list so, that it becomes easy for the users or reader to read the content. You can promote your services in your blog post and you can also resolve the issues of your readers regarding your services from your blog post.

Do Blog Commenting:  You can comment on the blogs of the other people. Make sure that you are commenting only on those blogs which are on your services or in your niche.

 Take part in Discussions: There are many websites that are available online where people discuss their views on the services that you deal with. So, become the part of those discussions and add your website link as a referral link.

 Do Bookmarking: Bookmarking helps in giving a backlink to your website and when the search engine crawls on that particular website they will find your website link. So, this becomes backlink of your website. The websites on which you can do bookmarking are,, and much more.

Do social media marketing: Promote your services on the top-most websites of social media like Facebook, Google+. LinkedIn, Twitter etc. This helps a business owner in increasing their business reach to.

Images and Infographics Submission:  By creating the unique and creative images or infographics a business owner can easily get engaged with their audience and can grab the attention of the others. The websites on which you can submit your infographics are,, etc.

Classified Submission:  Classified submissions are very important, but if you are selling something and targeting local audience or you are providing any service then classified submission can be done. For classified submission, you need to have the impressive images of your products or your services which can easily grab the attention of the customers. Some of the most common websites of classified submission websites are, etc and they change from location to location.

Question Answers: The websites like Quora and are the websites on which users post their queries regarding the queries that they are facing. So, you can provide answers to their queries and make sure that the question that you are answering is according to the services that you are providing.

Local Listing: This technique is beneficial for those, who want to target local audience. For those this, the information that you required is a description of the business, business name, complete business address, keywords, history of the business etc. The websites on which you can do local listing are Google+, Foursquare, yelp etc.

Business Reviews:  Whether you are having the online business or offline business, reviews play the vital role in attracting the customer. Because a new customer will always check for the reviews regarding your business before calling you or before availing your services.

Article Submission:  You can blog your articles on the websites like EzineArticles  or Goarticles. This article submission technique is really very helpful in getting traffic to the website and helpful in engaging more and more visitors to the website.

Video Sharing:  These days videos plays the vital role in grabbing the attention of the customers. So, make attractive videos of your services or your business and post them on the websites like Youtube, tumblr.


Besides these off page seo tasks, on page also matters. As on page seo gives strength to the website. Moreover, on page Seo is important for making the website search engine friendly. Though, all the techniques that we can discuss in this blog are helpful in getting ranking on Search engine result page or SERP, but it important to apply these techniques wisely so that search engine cannot penalize your website so, to prevent this to need to hire the professional team who offers SEO services in Delhi.

The other thing that you keep in mind is to have a look at the domain authority, page authority, trust rank, Alexa rank, domain age of the website on which you are going to submit your website. Moreover, content also matters because search engine gives priority to the fresh and the unique content.