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Do’s and Don’ts for a Start-up

Are you going to start a new business, if “yes” then you must know the do’s and don’ts to run a start-up? If you want to launch a business then there is no shortcut to getting success in any business. There are many things which are involved in a business which can lower the risk in a business of failure fail. 

There are few things which very effective to grow the new business. No matter which kind of business you run, it is very helpful to keep an eye on your competitors, do market research, and know the needs of your customers and market risks. 

Here are few Do’s and Don’ts for upcoming start-ups.

Focus on Sharing your Product or Service Instead of Selling: We know that you are here to earn a profit and take your business on the new heights but don’t just fall into the trap to sell. Listen to the demand of your customers, know their needs and then design your product which can help them to solve their problems. Don’t just attract them towards your fancy product but focus on their interest. Ask them about their experience of using your product or service.

Know How to sell your Product: If you have a great product or service but don’t have enough customers for it then what will the benefit of innovating such a great product. Increase the awareness of your business and service to people. Let them know about you. If you are not doing online marketing then maybe you need to hire a digital marketing company which can help you to create your business’s online presence. Here are few tips to increase your brand’s online awareness.

  1. Social Media: Social media is a great source to involve people with you. To create awareness about the problem which your product or service is solving. You can create a super creative content and post it on social media. Social media platform like facebook, twitter and LinkedIn are the free platforms which can help a start-up to make its place. These platforms also give business facilities of running paid advertisements to reach their users.
  2. Search Engine Optimization: Nowadays, almost every business is approaching the SEO companies in Kolkata. SEO is a great technique to grow your business. It is cheaper as compare to Television and FM ads and has a greater impact on the audience. 
  3. Search Engine Marketing: Search engine marketing is a paid service which can help your business to stand out of hundreds of similar business. SEO has is a free service but it takes time to show results, meanwhile, you can use Google’s pay per click facility to help your business grow. Google will charge a small amount of money on per click while someone will click on your ad.

Differentiate you from your Competitors: There is already lots of competition in the market and your competitors are doing really well so to beat them you have to differentiate yourself from them. Present your customers something unique. Make your products so much innovative that you can stand out from your competitors.

Create something which is Solving Problem: If you are having the same thing which your competitor already offering then why will people buy from you. Innovate a product which is able to apply the mass, which is able to solve their problem. Your product should not be the option for people but should be on the priority list while they visit the store. While they think about buying something from your category there must be the name of your product.

Do it with all your passion: Have a passion for what you are doing. Don’t think that a customer is a fool; they sense everything from your product and service. They knew whether it is a valuable product or not. They know whether it is worth to spend their money or not. Put your passion, love your job, and modify it with time to make it even better than earlier.

Make a great team: While you want to achieve something extraordinary your team must be that must extraordinary. Make a team who thinks that it is their own company and who can go with you for a long term. Ask for their honest opinion on your product as well as if they have any other idea to make it better. Appoint a self-motivated team, who has passion and enthusiasm, passion, engagement, commitment, hard-working, and ambition to achieve something. Use the talent of your team smartly to become successful. Don’t appoint who do not understand your business or who is over skilled or overqualified for it. Treat your all employees equal, spend an equal amount of time with everyone and give equal opportunities to all the employees.

Don’t Use Old Techniques to get New Results: If you want to achieve something you never achieved then don’t use old or repetitive techniques. Make a plan and stick with it, don’t change your plan in every two months. It will irritate your team and whole infrastructure. Invest your time in market research and then make a plan according to it.

Ask your Customers to Review Your Product: Your unhappiest customer is the best customer who can help you to modify your product. So ask your customers to review your product/service. Go through their reviews, analyze what your customers want to say, where your product is lacking. What is your strength and where you need to work hard to make your customers happy? Know what your user like and what they dislike about your product and why. What they expect from your product.

Conclusion: You know that to start a business is not easy but now you have a guide of do’s and don’ts to start-up, so start your market research, ask your family and friends about your start-up idea and then go for it. You know what to do a business is always a risk and it is great that you are taking the risk to achieve something better. Learn new things and make yourself expert to handle all teams.