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What are the Various Social media marketing website and how they are beneficial for your business?

Social media, the most important part of human life, we cannot even imagine our life without social media. Beside this that social media helps in connecting with friends or relatives, there are many business owners who are using social media to market their business and they are getting the huge response from social media. The social media help them in increasing reach or their business and help them in promoting their brand too.

Facebook and Twitter are the most common websites of which we are aware of which can be used for the purpose of social media marketing. But from this blog, you will get the information of all those websites that can be used for the purpose of social media marketing. 

But before getting the information regarding those websites, you must be aware of what are the benefits of social media marketing

Helps in improving Brand awareness: brand awareness is very important, because if people have information regarding your brand name, then they will search for your brand from search engines and can easily avail your business’s services.

Helps in building Trust: Generating trust is very important and the most crucial task in case of marketing. But if you are targeting audience through social media then it can easily help in building trust. The customers can easily trust your business as well as your business’s services.

Helps in diminishing communication gap: In business, there must not be any gap between the customers and the consumers. If you are using social media for the purpose of marketing, then you can easily follow-up your customers or clients through social media. Moreover, you can easily communicate with your existing clients too.

Selling Becomes Easy: If you are marketing your business on social media platform, then it will be easy for you in the selling your products. Because in social media marketing, images are used for the purpose of marketing and people can be easily attracted towards the images. So, this technique helps in the selling products easy. There are a lot of companies who are providing the social media marketing services in Delhi are work on basis that their clients can achieve all the benefits of social media marketing.

Here are some of the websites that are being used for the purpose of social media marketing

Facebook: Facebook is the most common social media marketing website that we all are aware of. As per the data, there were around 2.2 billion active users of Facebook in the year 2017. So, if you are having your own business whether it is an online business or offline business. You must take advantage of Facebook. 

You can target people as per their interest, location, age, likes and dislikes. You can easily make a page on Facebook for getting marketing done. Also, you can get the report that how many users react to your status, you will get the information regarding total reach, can also post discussions, can also post images too.

Twitter: Twitter can also be used as the microblogging website. You can easily post images, videos, website links on Twitter for generating interest of the other people towards your business. But the disadvantage of Twitter is that like Facebook you cannot add status or post which are having long descriptions. 

In the year of 2017, there were around 330 million active users on Twitter. You can get your customers or clients follow or un-follow your business through twitter.

Google+: If you want to target the local audience, then Google+ is the best platform for you. Even though, the search engine giant like, Google also give priority to Google. You can also get reviews from the customers whether they like or dislike their services. Just like Twitter, people can follow or unfollows your business on Google+.

In the year of 2017, there were around 3.5 million active users on Google+. 

Pinterest: Most of the people are not aware of this website, but this is the best platform and the most trending website for doing marketing of a business. You can easily create boards on this website and can add images as pins on this website. Just like Twitter and Google+, people can follow or unfollow your business on Pinterest.

In the year of 2017, there were around 175 million active users on Pinterest.

Instagram: You can also make ads on Instagram and can let the other users follow or un-follow you just like Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. You can add images on the Instagram page too.

In the year of 2017, there were around 800 million active users on Instagram.

WhatsApp: The most popular and the most trending messaging app, WhatsApp can also are used for the purpose of marketing. You can add your customers to a single group and can send them latest offers, discounts and other information regarding your services in that group. WhatsApp is the website that everyone has on their smartphones. 

In the year of 2017, there were around 1.5 million active users on Whatsapp.


Though there are many benefits of social media marketing, for doing so you must need to have the right and the best professional who have complete knowledge of marketing. If you want that the reach of your business will be more, and then you need to invest some amount of money and due to this competitive World more and more companies are investing their money on social media. If you want to market your business on all these discussed websites, then you need to be very much engaged on your social media profile, you must respond to all of your clients who message as soon as possible.

There are some of the social media websites that are not so much secure. So, if you are marketing your business on social media, then you must choose the websites wisely depending on the services you are offering and your business type.