Say active, Stay online!

Social media marketing simply means or is the process of promoting your business or products and services through social media. It means to gain attention through various social media sites. Social media is a strong and powerful medium to reach across vast lengths of areas to cover all the prospective customers and audience. The best part is you can directly interact and know the needs, tastes and preferences of people and your prospective audience through social media sites or platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. This interaction is more personal and helps spread word of mouth about array of services or products your business or organizations offer. Don’t have the fear of missing out- stay active and stay online! Promoting and marketing your business on social media sites brings you immense success that helps take your business places. Social media campaigns create and drives sales and potential leads in successful business. It also facilitates in gaining traffic for your website, products and services. Interested people can contact you directly through such social media sites. The aim must be to keep your audience engaged and constantly making the customer base grow. This will enable you to check off all your goals and targets on you marketing list. Social networking sites help grow your business and organizations and increases the interaction with other organizations. Your interaction with other businesses helps grow your customer base.

Word of mouth

Social media accounts or websites are a great source of transferring vital information and reviews about your business, organization, products or services through word of mouth or popularly known as e- word of mouth. Internet today has the ability to reach people across the globe and change the preferences or influence their buying patterns. It has an accessibility that is far and wide where people can share and retweet information about your products and service. This helps elevate and enlarge the base for potential audience and customers and generating traffic.

Social Media can help achieve the following goals:

  • Generate leads and traffic
  • Enhance conversation and improves communication with the target audience
  • Raises Brand awareness and word of mouth
  • Creates an identity for your brand 

Various social media marketing tools are as follows:

Each medium for social media requires it’s own unique strategy and set up, it must be tailored to best suit each medium so that each platform develops the best possible approach. Some of the best platforms for social media marketing are as follows:

  • Facebook

Facebook allows marketers to post photos, videos and detailed descriptions about their products where people can like and comments on such posts, which are open for all to see. These comments can also be seen by other people in their friend lists thus increasing visibility and the target base. More than 90% marketers use Facebook to extensively promote their products.

  • Twitter

Twitter is one social media tool that transmits and announces information or your updates across the web. If you follow people in the same field you will know what and how to post to win some valuable followers. Use twitter to it’s maximum possibility like retweeting when people post good reviews about you or post about discounts etc. You must also try and solve or answer customer queries to get a good word of mouth.

  • Pinterest

In case your primary audience is female or your product is female centric, then you must be active on pinterest. You can create a buzz for your retail products y providing pictures and eye- catching pin boards.

  • Youtube

Youtube is the first choice for creating, making and uploading video content. Even though videos are made with the intention of hitting many views instantly, this is not possible always. The best bet is to create informative videos preferable how to videos so that you appear on google search and Youtube both.

  • Google+

Just like Facebook, google+ allows it’s users to post photos and videos and helps other businesses connect with each other and their prospective and potential customers. It helps build your brand and brand image. It can be a great and powerful social media marketing platform if used correctly and effectively. Being Google’s own social media tool, it plays an expansive role in helping brands appear higher on the search results.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional website, where companies can make their professional sites and meet other people who match their requirements. It is a great way for networking and finding the right candidates and the right companies.

  • Whatsapp

Whatsapp is probably the most used social media platform or tool. Through whatsapp you can now send across an array of media like photos, texts, videos, voice notes, documents, location. You can even do voice and video calls to anyone anywhere in the world if both of you have whatsapp installed and a working internet connection. You can broadcast and send bulk messages to your customers. It is a cost effective and a quick method of promoting your business.

  • Instagram

All the android and IOS devices support Instagram and is a really popular tool for social media marketing. It is a potential tool to provide your business the requisite exposure and create a buzz specially amongst the young or middle ages target groups. You can create a page and post pictures which might be informative or aesthetically appealing in regard to your product, service or business. You can also send direct messages to people, thus taking the connectivity between the brand and customers to the next level.

For any social media marketing campaign to be successful, there must be a full fledged plan. Your keywords must be such that might be the most searched to help you target the prospective audience. Content is king and also the supreme thing when it comes to social media marketing. The information must be valuable, interesting, relevant and helpful so that the customers or potential customers take keen interest in it. You must also keep a close check on your competitor’s activity. See what makes them better or what strategy they are adopting to keep their customers glued, try doing the same but better. Social media can be a great source to promote your business if used well and creatively.