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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing refers to the incorporated term given to all your online promotional efforts. To make our businesses known and more popular or in order to connect with the online audience at a wider scale we leverage the digital channels such as Google search, your website, emails, social media accounts on Facebook, twitter, snapchat, Instagram and the likes. Digital marketing are the marketing efforts undertaken to connect and associate with their present and prospective customers. In simple terms digital marketing is the promotion of brands and their products or services through one or more or other forms of electronic media. It vastly differs from traditional marketing where people can decipher what is working and what isn’t in real time. We all know how everyone these days spends more time on their phones using and checking different social media accounts than they did a few years back.


There is a huge spectrum of things and ways that go into making any digital marketing effort successful. It can be blog posts, your website, social media accounts among many other things. Digital marketing covers a wide range of terms, we shall cover a few popular ones. These are as follows:

  • SEO

Going by the name, search engine optimization is the process of or refers to optimizing the content, technical set up of your website and also the reach of your website in accordance to a certain set of keywords so that your website or page appears on top of the search results. The main motive or aim is to attract prospective customers or clients when they search for products, services or information that is relatively related to or concerns your business. SEO or search engine optimization sets the base for a well performed digital marketing as it ensures the website has an easy to use interface and is well constructed, it also makes sure the content is engaging.


Pay per click or paid search refers to advertising a sponsored result which usually appears on the side or top of the search result page. Under this type of advertising you only pay for the number of times your ads get clicked. Pay per click ads are flexible and can appear when certain words are searched depending matching your business interests so that it meets the target audience and drives potential customers to your website. They are pretty effective and are also known as contextual advertisements which means that thy appear when a certain keyword is typed.

  • Content marketing

Great content is the fuel of your website or page. Content signifies the carrying capacity of how successful your digital marketing strategies will be. You must have heard the line- ‘Content is king’. It adds value to your website and engages the prospective customers. It is the key pillar and facilitates in getting you noticed and makes you visible across social media. It helps you provide refreshing and relevant content to your customers via emails and other paid sources. If the content is interesting and engaging they would keep following you.

  • Social media marketing

Social media these days isn’t just used for making doggie videos or posting selfies.  Social media is doing much more than that. People rely on social media before coming to a decision about where to go, what to do, services to avail and brands to buy by discovering, doing research and educating themselves before coming to a conclusion or engaging themselves to an organization, a place or a brand. Your audience sharing your post will in turn promote your business and attract more customers.

  • Email marketing

Email is still one of the most paramount ways to transfer important and critical information to the respective parties. Everyone checks their emails for crucial information related to business and work. However, not all emails are created equally. For emails or email marketing to work it is imperative for the emails to be relevant, engaging, strategic and to the point.

  • Mobile Marketing

A mobile or phone is something that stays with us 24/7 and keeps us connected to everyone we know or love. They are an integral part of our every day schedule. Marketers have found a way to use this personal device and channelized it to promote their business well. SMS and MMS are two such ways which help marketers to promote their business well and effectively.


Digital marketing is extremely prevalent these days and you can have access to anything, any time you want and anywhere. Unlike offline marketing, online marketing or digital marketing helps marketers to access and analyze results in real time. It is extremely difficult to know how accurate results are. It is difficult to decipher how many leads were generated from the ad you posted in a newspaper or magazine. However, it is easily accessible to know how many people visited your website or clicked on your paid ads. It is easier to know the return on investment on your marketing efforts. You can now know how many people visited your webpage and where did this traffic come from using various digital software. This will help you spend your efforts on the mode of marketing that helps generate the maximum traffic. It also facilitates interaction and knowing what your target audience exactly wants. It also helps build your brand’s reputation and goodwill. Everyone believes whatever is being spoken about a particular place, products or service so delivering the best possible will enhance your brands reputation. It also provides and earns more ROI as compared to traditional marketing.

It not only attracts traffic, it converts this traffic into results. Targeting the right kind of people and delivering the results and also ensuing that your business survives is what makes digital marketing so important. 

Thus, finding the right way to promote your business intensively and aggressively through digital marketing is the key. Choose the medium that effectively communicates the message you want to send across and targets potential customers. Hence, through the above article is it clear that digital marketing refers to marketing or promoting your business products or services through digital channels or mediums namely search engines, social media accounts, websites, blogs, mobiles, emails and others.